11 Nov 2011

The end of another week.

I hope you have all had a lovely and productive (or restful) week.
I haven't done so much of my uni work this week, other than printmaking. You see, I bought a book, and it has a lot of pages... It's actually more of a children's book, but I started reading the series when I was pretty much a child, and It only makes sense to finish it, because I really like it, okay? Dragons are pretty cool. The book I'm talking about is Inheritance, You know that terrible film Eragon? Its the last book in the series of that (The books are of course, better) So I'm busy reading that currently..

On another note, I've also been making a few things

Nothing special, I just find it really calming and therapeutic to make things like this, it's like a jigsaw, you start with all of these parts and bring them together to create a beautiful image. I hope you like them, I sure do :)

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