30 Oct 2011

A Wonderful Weekend {The Halloween addition}

I LOVE Halloween, Love love love love it!! It's amazing, and in my opinion, should be a proper holiday! but here's the thing... I don't do the dressing up, looking like a zombie or something, I never have (I think I put fake nails on once and said I was a witch.. but that's about it.

I've come to love it more since my little sister has become obsessed (literally) with Halloween, I went home last weekend and the house was full on decorated and according to my dad had been for quite some time. It really makes me laugh, she's only 8 and gets scared so easily, yes she simply adores Halloween, crazy!
I totally bought her this a few days ago too, because I'm a big sister and I'm allowed to spoil her even more that she already is (more than I ever was.. grumble grumble ;)) Plus I think it'll be a neat surprise for her to get post, even if it arrives after Halloween :)

The coolest pumpkins I've seen so far! 
found via pinterest

Happy Halloween!!

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