25 Oct 2011

Today I'm lusting over modcloth bags

Any one of these bags would probably make me tear up with joy or something, I mean just look at them, they're gorgeous! Notice how they're all over the shoulder/satchel bags... I have an obsession with those, they're just so... easy. My current bag of choice that I haul around uni is a little mauve kipling number that was gifted too me from my mother. It does the job, its okay, but I'd rather have that super sweet map bag any day! 
Also, when I'm shopping for these and I see the price my stomach does little somersaults, but then my head says "hey, chill down there, that's in dollars not pounds you know ;)" & I start to think maybe it would be okay to buy but no no! resist Annabel because its something like 26 dollars for international shipping, yikes!

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