27 Oct 2011

Things I've bought this week

  1. How I met your mother season 5 the suited up edition oh yeah!
  2. Washi tape.
  3. H&M belt in a pretty mustard colour.
  4. White tack.
  5. Colop customizable stamp.
I also bought some photo paper for my snazzy new printer (I dislike how hard it is to find nice matte/satin good quality paper... I ended up buying glossy hmmm), and did a weekly food shop, but they weren't quite as photogenic ;)


  1. Love love love How I Met Your Mother.. I wish I was friends with them haha

    I'll probably be reading you blog instead of working this afternoon, so thanks for finding me and giving me a nice distraction :)

    I look forward to seeing your updates in my 'blogs i follow' list




  2. So do I! though I think my favourite thing about collecting them all on DVD is watching the gag reels, they are all such hilarious actors! :)

    Aw thank you so much, You probably wont be reading very long though, there isn't much here yet! :)



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