8 Oct 2011


Hello! First post, brand new blog! argh!
Nobody is reading this though are they, who in the world has found this place yet? If you have, I salute you, hug you, shower you with love ;)

About Fragmented Splendour ~
Fragmented Splendour is a mystery. It's a brand name, a lifestyle, a choice. Wait. No it's not. or is it?
Its a blog about the beautiful things in life, handmade lovelies, inspiration, creativeness, anything.
Fragmented Splendour is still cookie dough, it's not yet done baking :)

About me ~
My name is Annabel, I'm 19 (I'm 20 in 12 days though... so shhh) I'm currently at UCLAN university in the UK, studying Fine Art, whatever that is.
I'm quite lively, a little sarcastic, small, and I like to think a very nice person indeed.
I'm also lazy, insecure and slightly mental, but don't let that put you off.

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