28 Oct 2011

A day in [a few] pictures.

Last night was pretty brutal, I was finishing off my work up until 3am! then I got up at 9 and worked until 11 to finish it completely. Even though I'm functioning on a mere 6 hours sleep (which is basically nothing to me) I feel pretty good! It's such a relief to hand a big project in, my first as well for this course! (let's hope I pass....) I feel like I worked really hard on it, You must think because I stayed up like that, that I  rushed, but honestly I work better like that, I can't focus unless the deadline is right in my face, or else I'm just off in dream world, doing bits here and there.
These were my final developments, we were not supposed to have 'finished' pieces, only a sketchbook and a minimum of 6 pieces of 'developed' work. I had those as well as a little film I created showing me burning the tiny pieces of paper on the right (zink paper). Not bad! :)

1. I went out to H&M and got myself a pretty awesome cat dress to celebrate.
2. My work on my bed last night, looking oddly cool in negative.
3/4. Mix and match pj's with a bow in your hair is the way to go @ 3am.
5. What I wore today. (my hand is a claw...)

Happy Friday! :)

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