11 Oct 2011

#2. What belongs here?

After that awkward hello, what comes next? How do you follow that? I think its quite hard finding my feet, I have so many ideas on what to say write and do, that I just simply don't know where to begin. This is only post #2 after all! I cant swan around owning the place just yet when nobody knows who I am.

I've spent more time editing the layout (not happy), making graphics (again, not happy) and setting up millions of accounts with the FragmentedSplendour name than typing anything of real importance.

But! as you just read I am making progress, isn't that exciting?! :)

Now all I need is an amazing camera, a real creative space to call my own, time, an actual working printer within my budget (just £100), and designs & graphics that I'm happy with and suit me!

Whoa. I think I need to go do some internet shopping to calm down.


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